Making A Difference

HI! I am the founder and owner of Humble Bee Project, Melissa Dickmann. I am passionate and determined when it comes to making a difference in the lives of those in need. Humble Bee Project was created with the sole purpose of crafting jewelry to represent and further the Kingdom of Christ.

In 2009 I had a burden and aching in my soul to give more financially. Specifically, to those who are uprooting their families, comfortable jobs, and ease of life here in the states to go and just love on the orphans of the world, as well as, those who are choosing to adopt here in the states. Humble Bee Project was created in 2009 for this exact purpose.

What started as an idea and a passion, is now tangible and real. As of 2016 HBP has partnered with Naomis’ Village in Africa and families all over the United States to provide the means necessary to continue to reach down into the darkest of places and give these children hope and a forever family. This hope though is not just words and a warm hug, rather, it is choosing to take in those that have been left behind, abandoned, and even forgotten. It is to do life alongside a little soul and say, ” I will never leave you.” This hope is only found in Jesus and these families are willing to go to great lengths for these little souls to know His love.

My purpose in life is to make the name of Jesus name greater than my own. I want to love all people, and love them well. Above all, I want to be faithful and watch God be good. – Melissa. Wife. Mommy. Maker.

Why Coins?

In the fall of 2011 I had an opportunity to go to Kenya and Uganda for only 2 weeks. It was incredible: incredibly hard, incredibly awesome, and incredibly humbling.
I wasn’t the same after those short 2 weeks. I desperately wanted to remember all that I had seen and learned so I took a few of the coins I had leftover and made a necklace. It then hit me that others may want to remember their travels as well and have a momento of sorts. It took an entire year to perfect the technique that I use to patina the coins and seal them. The outcome has far reached my expectations and I am so pleased.